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My interest in herbs began in my teens and I still have one of my first books by Donald Law, ‘The concise Herbal Encyclopedia’ illustrated at the back by myself for the plants not illustrated in the book. Herbalism was not something that one did in the 1970s so I went to Leeds University and acquired a degree in English and Fine Art. After enjoying teaching in Nepal as a V.S.O. I returned and trained as a teacher in 1978. It is probably the experiences in different countries that have led to my return to herbs. In Nepal I developed an encephalitis brain infection following Typhus fever which very nearly killed me. The local ayurvedic doctor was called and he prescribed anti –biotics which saved my life. I also had hepatitis and then an amoebic abscess on the liver. Health is wealth is what I learnt then and it has stayed with me ever since. Living in the Pacific in Tuvalu and in South America in Guyana led to an interest and training in Massage therapy 1983.

It was when my three sons were growing up that the herbal bug bit again as I tried to create a panacea for all stings, bruises, cuts and sports injuries. This resulted in Healing Balm which I still make with my favourite herbs 20 years on. When the youngest went to Primary school I studied Herbalism with the East-West College of Herbalism Qualifying with a Diploma as a Certified Herbalist in 2001- it took 7 years. I have run a clinic since 1996 and added Bowen to my skills in 2007. Healing Herbals clinic specializes in individual formulas made from the herbs and trees that grow around us in Co.Down, N.Ireland. I run regular workshops to teach others how to make herbal remedies for family and friends.