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Herbal Apprenticeships 2018

The Herbal Apprenticeship course 2018 will span the herbal year and is a hands on experience of all the processes involved in being a herbalist for family and friends. Over a series of 5 day workshops both at the Healing Herbal clinic outside Downpatrick, Co. Down and on visits to special/sacred sites, the following topics and aspects of herbalism will be covered: *resonance with plants/herbal allies *harvesting herbs /drying processes *water based therapies –baths, washes, poultices etc *herbal teas –simples /blends *tinctures *liniments *oils *creams *syrups/robs *herbal wines *herbal vinegars *tree medicines *vibrational medicine-essences *the energetics of herbs and trees *healing with attars/smudging *basic diagnosis/recording *growing herbs *the spiritual use of herbs *chakras and herbs *shamanic journeying *meditation with plants *Apprentice interests. The herbal day will consist of two sessions, both about two and a half hours long, combining one practical with one more meditative session. All materials will be provided but please bring your own choice of stationary.

Course details

Apprenticeships can begin in March and will end in December . One workshop per month You can also do 3 weekends or an intensive week Length of workshops; 10.00- 4.00p.m Cost; introductory price of £500. Deposit - £250 to secure your place.  - Number of apprentices –6 .Accommodation is available too.

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