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The Herbal Apprentice’s Handbook


This handbook is designed to be developed by you-the apprentice. It is the sort of start I would have wanted as all my notes ended up in different files, never to be seen again. The binder can be opened to add your notes and recipes. Some students have already put their book into large ring-binder files.

The first section is on processes and the aim is to make them as simple as possible. The second section shows 20 herbs and their uses to start you off on your journey into the world of plant medicine. The third section is on trees as I find these large medicine chests are well worth the study and they grow all around us. This is the manual which accompanies my workshops. Easy to read and use, each handbook will become a unique work as you colour it, add illustrations from magazines and recipes as you meet them, in the way of all good cookery books. As you will find out, herbalism is about preserving the plants we wish to use as well as resonating with them and understanding their uses.

The handbook costs £12-50 or 15 Euro including post and packaging From:

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